Music & Studio Sessions
Eden’s Music Journey began at the age of 7 years old by listening and imitating artists in the early 90’s pop and R&B music scene. Shy yet eager to be the center of attention, in elementary school Eden signed up for elementary school programs and talent shows which she dominated. Today Eden does not have any local or live performances, but talent given to you from recordings so that you may be moved by her music through your interpretation of just listening. Just listening to her music is what allows Eden's separation from the rest. Eden’s music is heard only from studio recordings, and she defines her vocal training process by the terms of exercising something new from each training session.

Eden has been producing from a studio since the year of 2015. Eden's music creations are done in a professional recording studio and at home. For example, Eden’s professional recording studio of choice is located in New York City by the name of Sweet Sounds Recording Studio. At Sweet Sounds Eden has found other great artists and engineers to help bring her vision to life. When Eden is not spending her time at her favorite studio she is writing, and producing at home where she vocal trains.

​Eden has been vocal training since the age of 12. Eden's vocal background ranges from participation in choirs, and vocal lessons. Eden’s vocal lessons are on the subject of opera, classical, and at home self training sessions. For example, her vocal training process at home consists of going over vowels a, e, o, and also ah with a bit of creativity. When Eden is not fine tuning at home she takes her vocal talent to various professional vocal trainers, and performers in the NYC area.

Furthermore, every vocal training session is about fun and learning something new. If a training technique does not resonate with her she skips over it for a technique that she can relate to. 

Moreover, learning something new for Eden is about a new technique, and sound she was not aware she could create from practice. Learning something new is also about vocal breakthrough. Vocal breakthrough is being aware of vocal blockage, but finally surpassing with clarity, genius, and persistence. Vocal breakthrough can be like an ah ha moment.

​​In addition to her music, her lifestyle is one of curiosity. So, check out the link to her lifestyle blog " Essentials to a Journey" because you'll be happy you did as it puts all the pieces of the puzzle together.