Amazing Music & Studio Sessions

Eden's music creations are done in a professional recording studio, and at home. When Eden is not creating she is fine tuning with vocal trainers. Because Eden does not have any local or live performances, but talent given to you from recordings so that you may be moved by her music through your interpretation of just listening, this is what allows her separation from the rest.  Eden's professional recording studio of choice is located in New York City by the name of Sweet Sounds Recording Studio. At Sweet Sounds Eden has found other great artists and engineers to help bring her vision to life. When Eden is not spending her time at her favorite studio she is writing, and producing at home. Eden's writing process expands over a period of, what she calls, inspirational time. Some days Eden is walking around the home and a tune followed by a few words stream out, instantly she knows and trusts she has a song.
Moreover, her vocal training process at home consists of going over vowels a, e, o, and also ah. When Eden is not fine tuning at home, she likes to take her vocal talent to various professional vocal trainers, and performers in the NYC area. Every vocal training session is about fun and learning something new. Learning something new for Eden is about a new technique, and sound she was not aware she could create. Learning something new is also about vocal breakthrough. Vocal breakthrough is being aware of vocal blockage, but finally surpassing with clarity, genius, and persistence. Vocal breakthrough can be like an ah ha moment.
Moreover, Eden has been vocal recording and studio producing since 2015, and vocal training since the age of 12. Her vocal training's range from opera to classical style.
Furthermore, Eden's most recent project began with her single " Keep Calm ." The continue of this single will lead to an album inspired by late and recent artists of our time. Finally, It will be most interesting to hear where Eden's influencers lead her.
With that, Eden's years of experience in the genera of experimental pop and r&b is a year and a half. Eden's vocal background ranges from participation in choirs, vocal lessons; on the subject of opera, classical, to at home self training sessions. Eden is choosing to stick with creating the style of experimental pop and r&b, but not limited to any other musical style. Eden's upcoming activities are to continue this 2017 year, and rap up mid year 2017 with an album project you'll be out of your seat listening to. Eden's album is SO DAME controversial, and speaks from her personal truth. The project is centered around her music and lifestyle journey of hardship, and amazing times. You can go fund her music project  at GoFundMe . In addition to her music, her lifestyle is one of curiosity. So, check out the link to her lifestyle blog "Essentials to a Journey " because you'll be happy you did as it puts all the pieces to the puzzle together. Are you curious yet?