Eden is an artist who writes, composes, co-produces and sings  music. Eden practices meditation, being vegan and vegetarian, and is a part time actress when called to do so. She enjoys traveling and had landed a role as an actress on the netflix series Luke Cage appearing in the first episode as Sheila . Eden recorded her first music track Keep calm the year of 2015. Eden is seeking to produce music and share via electronic means. Her genera of music is experimental pop and R&B. She is inspired by artists such as Prince, Madonna, Al Green, Chris Brown etc. Her vocal range can be measured in terms of being both alto to high soprano. Eden's easy yet fun loving sound compliments her ability to envision and write timeless music. Therefore, to marginalize Eden as an artist would be understating her ability, as there are no limits to what she is capable of.
            Following Eden’s abilities, her artistic nature blossomed at the age of five. Eden could hear her grandmother’s boyfriend at the time strum along to the guitar while other friend’s chimed in handing her a microphone. Although Eden was very shy at the time, the idea of singing in front of others was intriguing. Eden sat in front of her grandmother’s old 1987-year television and asked to repetitively watch Michael Jackson in concert while being mesmerized by every move, sound. Eden wondered how to create such magic as Michael Jackson. Moreover, Eden then created the vision years later with an all girl singing group just before Destiny’s Child all girl singing group hit the public music scene. While Eden’s girl group didn’t last, she knew that her vision had to continue. So, Eden focused on studying, learning and applying herself to become the artist she is today.
            What Eden has become today is this experimental pop and R&B artist that you hear over iTunes, and various other music outlet stores. Eden is writing, composing, co-producing and singing/creating music from home and a studio located in NYC. Eden is continuing her vocal improvements by going to vocal training sessions and workshops. Eden say’s “ As an artist you never stop learning or improving, it’s a continuous journey I plan to always invest in… it just never stops and I’m always prepared to find out what I’m made of.” Eden’s music is now sold online in stores such as, just to name a few, iTunes,   Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, Google plus etc. Eden also has social media site pages on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, and Facebook.
            For Eden the future holds so many possibilities. For example, lets paint the picture of possibilities for Eden… Acting, live performances, tours, concerts, over seas activities, activism. There are plenty of ideas in the making for this young inspired artist. Eden’s plan is to someday soon become the next household name by bringing about great change to the mainstream music industry.